The Yorkshire Stone Company’s 140mm reclaimed walling was chosen for this new build house in Upper Cumberworth, West Yorkshire.

Our reclaimed stone was selected for the job to ensure the new home fitted in with the character and look of the stone-built homes in the small village located between Huddersfield and Barnsley.

In addition to the 140mm walling, we also supplied all the ashlar, including quoins, cills, heads and lintels cut to size specifically for the project.

The uniform height of our 140mm walling makes it easier and quicker to build with than most reclaimed stone – and swift progress was made on this home, which has now had its roof topped off.

While our 140mm reclaimed walling was initially chosen to give the house a character-filled weathered stone appearance that matched the local style, it will also make matching simpler on any future work.

We can produce further batches of the walling (which we make by cutting large blocks of high-quality reclaimed sandstone to standard size) that would be a good match for any extension, garage or conservatory base.

Contact us for a quote or to arrange to visit the yard to see our standard size reclaimed stone.

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