Easy to build with 140mm Yorkshire Stone

Demand for reclaimed Yorkstone walling is growing as increasing numbers of house builders, property developers and self builders come to understand the benefits of using it.

Here’s why so many people are opting for reclaimed instead of new materials for their projects.

Reclaimed Yorkshire stone looks great

Yorkshire stone is an attractive building material when new, but its look improves with age as the weathering effect gives each piece its own unique appearance.

Using reclaimed Yorkstone that has already been weathered for 50 years or more will give your new build home instant character, presenting you with the opportunity to create a property that has a beautiful traditional exterior look – even if it has a sleek modern interior.

If you hope to build in a conservation area – particularly one in Yorkshire, the Peak District or the north-east, where sandstone was the most commonly used material for houses and public buildings – using reclaimed walling is a simple way to help you comply with planning rules.

Similarly, if you want a new build home that fits with the look of a rural village, selecting reclaimed Yorkstone is a good way to achieve it.

Easy to build with

One thing that deters builders from using reclaimed walling stone is that it usually comes in random sizes, which means it takes longer to build with and requires more highly skilled workers – unless you choose walling from The Yorkshire Stone Company.

Our walling is cut from reclaimed sandstone blocks to standard 140mm size, making it as simple and quick to build with as new cut stone. So you enjoy both the great look of reclaimed stone and the ease of new.

Easy to build with 140mm Yorkshire Stone

Highly durable

One of the most important properties of Yorkshire stone is that it is highly durable, giving it a long lifespan and making it an ideal material for the UK climate.

The fact it is reclaimed does not detract from this, as the walling is durable enough to be reused several times. As you can see from the many houses, pubs and public buildings in Yorkshire that date from the 18th or 19th centuries, good quality Yorkstone lasts for hundreds of years.


The price of reclaimed Yorkstone can vary greatly, depending on the availability of and demand for the exact type you want. It is quite common for some types of weathered walling stone to be more expensive than new stone.

However, due to the way The Yorkshire Stone Company makes its 140mm walling from large blocks of reclaimed sandstone, we can guarantee availability in quantities suitable for anything from an extension to a whole housing development. As such, our prices are stable and we can offer excellent value for money – call us for details.

Simple to match

If you want to build a garage, porch or extension to your stone house, new stone is very unlikely to match. However, you should be able to get a decent match with reclaimed stone, as it has already been exposed to the elements for years and started to weather.

One advantage of choosing The Yorkshire Stone Company’s reclaimed sandstone walling for new build homes is that the production process means it will always be possible to buy more stone in the same size and of similar appearance in the future, should you decide to build an extension.

Yorkshire stone easy to match

An environmentally-friendly choice

Manufacturing new building materials is an energy-intensive process, which generates carbon emissions and waste, and choosing to dispose of old ones increases landfill.

Reusing Yorkshire stone is one of the most effective forms of recycling in the construction industry and offers a simple way to limit emissions and waste. As reclaimed stone is durable enough to be used multiple times and its appearance improves with age, there is no reason not to reuse it.

Contact The Yorkshire Stone Company for more details about our 140mm reclaimed walling or to request a quote for your project.

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