Yorkstone has long been known to be some of the best building stone around the UK and sourcing the finest Yorkstone is so important when you think about building your own home or think about extending an existing home that has already been built using Yorkshire stone.

Yorkshire stone company supplies award winning build project

First of all, when you consider Yorkshire stone, we need to know what makes the stone so durable and desirable for home builders around the UK. Yorkstone is no ordinary stone, it is made from a variety of sandstone from special quarries in Yorkshire like ours here in West Yorkshire Honley. Within the stone there are other minerals that are bespoke to Yorkshire stone such as quartz, mica, feldspar, clay and iron oxides which compound together to create a tightly grained stone that will last the test of time but equally can be cut to requirements for building, patios and dry stone walling.
Then there is the colour, the beautiful part of Yorkshire stone is that no two rocks dug from the quarry will look the same, with each stone being dug from different mines and quarries having their own attributes and grain and new stone definitely has colour qualities that make a building look attractive and Yorkshire styled.
huddersfield build project using Yorkshire stone
So, in todays building market, there are too many new builds using standard bricks, these will weather badly over time compared to good quality Yorkshire stone and its this reason that stone wins over brick when it comes to value. You only need to look on Rightmove to see how period properties are more highly valued over the brick counterparts and it seems that no matter how contemporary your home build is, we all seem to nod to the past luxury stone building techniques.
Here at the Yorkshire Stone Company, we preserve the techniques and keep the tradition of Yorkshire stone alive through our quarries here in West Yorkshire and we have seen a surge in demand of builders, new build projects and landscape companies wanting to use authentic Yorkstone, not just in this county, but throughout the UK.
So in summary, if you are looking to add value to your property, you can extend to your existing property using either our reclaimed Yorkstone or new Yorkshire stone, or you can build your property completely out of stone. Alternatively, even creating feature walls, rockeries, driveways, setts and cobbles will also add a touch of the period feature and will definitely add value to your home.
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