Dry Stone Walling For Somerset Project

We have been supplying a project in Somerset with our high grade dry stone walling including kerbs and steps. The steps drop down to the sea and the dry stone walling keeps the rustic feel of the land while maintaining a long lasting eco friendly way of landscaping in wild land.

Many people think our stone is just for Yorkshire, but the truth is, our stone is used all over the UK including Scotland and Wales and down south. Dry stone walling is used on farmland as steps and walling as it is easy to install, and weathers all that the UK weather has to offer.

Check out the images below of the work in progress and when the job is complete we will update this post to show you the finished article. Click on the images below in the gallery to view them full size

The project is nearly 150 metres long which is a good size considering that the path and walling is descending downwards to the ocean. We cannot wait to see the finished product and we know our client is so happy with the standard of the dry stone walling and our customer service as well as our super quick delivery!

If you have a dry stone walling project in mind anywhere in the UK, speak to us today so we can help you choose the right stone for your needs.


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