Using Yorkstone To Add Value To Your Property

Many people ask this question and here at The Yorkshire Stone Co the answer is always a resounding Yes. I mean, when you add real quality Yorkshire stone to any build project or build your home using Yorkstone your property will always be desirable to those that understand quality, aesthetics and design.

After speaking with many local Yorkshire estate agents in the area they all concur that using stone in your build process or adding stone to your existing build such as feature walls in the kitchen or fireplace, using dry stone or reclaimed stone for your garden walls or garden features always adds value to your property.

Maybe you are thinking about a new build property? If you are then think of stone rather than brick, reclaimed quality stone cut and pressed installed with architectural glass and bifold doors gives you the rustic exterior feel with the modern and contemporary interior. The exterior stone once weathered will begin to look better and better with age where as brick can become dull and begin to deteriorate in places causing leakages and make your home look old and tired.

Yorkshire home built using Abacus Stone

The homes above has been built entirely using our highest grade Yorkshire Stone and as you can see they have mixed the rustic exterior with the contemporary glazing and the results are stunning. This property is so well built that it will stand the test of time and more importantly the property value will not depreciate over the years and this home will always be considered desirable.

What Makes Yorkshire Stone So Desirable

There are many reasons that Yorkshire stone is desirable, we covered what makes Yorkshire stone so desirable for building in our other article. However, the answers have always been pretty clear, Yorkshire stone weathers beautifully and will always maintain a look of class compared to any other type of brick build. We are finding more and more developers are turning to high grade Yorkshire stone to build new properties as they tend to sell better and younger families want to retain the traditions of their ancestors living in homes built using the best new and reclaimed stone in the UK.

So, going back to our original question, does Yorkshire Stone add value to your property – Yes is the answer and here at The Yorkshire Stone Company we only supply the highest grade of our own 140mm cut and pressed stone along with the cills and jambs so that you get the best out of your Yorkshire stone property.

Why not call the yard today and speak to one of our many skilled stone workers to talk about your next project.

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