easy to match Yorkshire stone

One of the main problems anyone planning to build an extension to a stone-built property faces is finding walling that is a good match for the existing stone.

No-one wants the two-tone look that comes from using new sandstone alongside weathered Yorkstone, but searching for reclaimed materials that are an exact match can result in significant delays to projects.

Selecting Yorkshire Stone Company’s 140mm reclaimed walling stone for new builds is one way to avoid those issues in the future.

easy to match Yorkshire stone

Due to the way the stone is produced – by cutting large blocks of high-quality weathered stone to the standard 140mm walling size – we can be sure of getting a good match when you need additional stone.

Whether you wish to add a full extension, a porch, a garage or a conservatory to your home, we will have no problem producing walling that is an exact size match and a very close match in appearance to the 140mm stone we originally supplied for the property.

Yorkshire stone matched for build project

We also run a stone matching service to help you find walling materials suitable for extensions to existing stone-built homes and commercial properties.

Contact us for a quote for our standard size reclaimed walling or for more information about our stone matching service.

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