We recently supplied our Yorkshire cobbles for the landscaping to this luxury home in West Yorkshire as part of Lockwood Windows work on the property. The reclaimed granite cobbles have been installed by Craig Battye who’s one of the most sought after walling experts in Yorkshire and has won many gold medals at the RHS Flower Show.

Choosing the right stone is imperative to pull off the authentic Yorkshire look and the mix here of the granite cobbles with the dry stone walling really harks back to original Yorkshire home builds and will always add value to any property.

Good quality reclaimed stone is hard to find these days, but here at The Yorkshire Stone Company we are the UK’s leading Yorkshire Stone suppliers with high end quality always.

We recently supplied our quality punch faced stone for this customer in Whaley Bridge Derbyshire. The build is huge and the stone needed to match in with the existing feel of the Yorkshire stone.

We spent time working with NAW Builders to decide on the right stone and we decided on stone that works really well with the aesthetics and the surroundings. The project is ongoing and we will post the finished results as soon as we get them.

Yorkstone has long been known to be some of the best building stone around the UK and sourcing the finest Yorkstone is so important when you think about building your own home or think about extending an existing home that has already been built using Yorkshire stone.

Yorkshire stone company supplies award winning build project

First of all, when you consider Yorkshire stone, we need to know what makes the stone so durable and desirable for home builders around the UK. Yorkstone is no ordinary stone, it is made from a variety of sandstone from special quarries in Yorkshire like ours here in West Yorkshire Honley. Within the stone there are other minerals that are bespoke to Yorkshire stone such as quartz, mica, feldspar, clay and iron oxides which compound together to create a tightly grained stone that will last the test of time but equally can be cut to requirements for building, patios and dry stone walling.
Then there is the colour, the beautiful part of Yorkshire stone is that no two rocks dug from the quarry will look the same, with each stone being dug from different mines and quarries having their own attributes and grain and new stone definitely has colour qualities that make a building look attractive and Yorkshire styled.
huddersfield build project using Yorkshire stone
So, in todays building market, there are too many new builds using standard bricks, these will weather badly over time compared to good quality Yorkshire stone and its this reason that stone wins over brick when it comes to value. You only need to look on Rightmove to see how period properties are more highly valued over the brick counterparts and it seems that no matter how contemporary your home build is, we all seem to nod to the past luxury stone building techniques.
Here at the Yorkshire Stone Company, we preserve the techniques and keep the tradition of Yorkshire stone alive through our quarries here in West Yorkshire and we have seen a surge in demand of builders, new build projects and landscape companies wanting to use authentic Yorkstone, not just in this county, but throughout the UK.
So in summary, if you are looking to add value to your property, you can extend to your existing property using either our reclaimed Yorkstone or new Yorkshire stone, or you can build your property completely out of stone. Alternatively, even creating feature walls, rockeries, driveways, setts and cobbles will also add a touch of the period feature and will definitely add value to your home.

Dry Stone Walling For Somerset Project

We have been supplying a project in Somerset with our high grade dry stone walling including kerbs and steps. The steps drop down to the sea and the dry stone walling keeps the rustic feel of the land while maintaining a long lasting eco friendly way of landscaping in wild land.

Many people think our stone is just for Yorkshire, but the truth is, our stone is used all over the UK including Scotland and Wales and down south. Dry stone walling is used on farmland as steps and walling as it is easy to install, and weathers all that the UK weather has to offer.

Check out the images below of the work in progress and when the job is complete we will update this post to show you the finished article. Click on the images below in the gallery to view them full size

The project is nearly 150 metres long which is a good size considering that the path and walling is descending downwards to the ocean. We cannot wait to see the finished product and we know our client is so happy with the standard of the dry stone walling and our customer service as well as our super quick delivery!

If you have a dry stone walling project in mind anywhere in the UK, speak to us today so we can help you choose the right stone for your needs.


Using Yorkstone To Add Value To Your Property

Many people ask this question and here at The Yorkshire Stone Co the answer is always a resounding Yes. I mean, when you add real quality Yorkshire stone to any build project or build your home using Yorkstone your property will always be desirable to those that understand quality, aesthetics and design.

After speaking with many local Yorkshire estate agents in the area they all concur that using stone in your build process or adding stone to your existing build such as feature walls in the kitchen or fireplace, using dry stone or reclaimed stone for your garden walls or garden features always adds value to your property.

Maybe you are thinking about a new build property? If you are then think of stone rather than brick, reclaimed quality stone cut and pressed installed with architectural glass and bifold doors gives you the rustic exterior feel with the modern and contemporary interior. The exterior stone once weathered will begin to look better and better with age where as brick can become dull and begin to deteriorate in places causing leakages and make your home look old and tired.

Yorkshire home built using Abacus Stone

The homes above has been built entirely using our highest grade Yorkshire Stone and as you can see they have mixed the rustic exterior with the contemporary glazing and the results are stunning. This property is so well built that it will stand the test of time and more importantly the property value will not depreciate over the years and this home will always be considered desirable.

What Makes Yorkshire Stone So Desirable

There are many reasons that Yorkshire stone is desirable, we covered what makes Yorkshire stone so desirable for building in our other article. However, the answers have always been pretty clear, Yorkshire stone weathers beautifully and will always maintain a look of class compared to any other type of brick build. We are finding more and more developers are turning to high grade Yorkshire stone to build new properties as they tend to sell better and younger families want to retain the traditions of their ancestors living in homes built using the best new and reclaimed stone in the UK.

So, going back to our original question, does Yorkshire Stone add value to your property – Yes is the answer and here at The Yorkshire Stone Company we only supply the highest grade of our own 140mm cut and pressed stone along with the cills and jambs so that you get the best out of your Yorkshire stone property.

Why not call the yard today and speak to one of our many skilled stone workers to talk about your next project.

Many of our frequent customers will know already about our sawn bed York stone, but we thought we would take some snaps of how it looks on the buildings and structures when they have left the quarries. Stone can look like stone when it’s on a pallet, but when it’s added to a building, wall or any other structure then you can really see the difference with choosing Abacus Stone for reclaimed and new building stone.

Below are some images of our different types of York stone for different projects, check out the gallery for each one.

14omm New Sawn Building Stone

This is a popular building stone, the stone is approximately 100mm to 120mm on the bed from front to back and can be dressed cut and aged (weathered) to colour match to existing building stone.

Top Quality Punch Faced Stone

This really is the Rolls Royce of building stone, this can be reclaimed or new stone and is the choice for all our builders. When choosing the right stone for a building project, this is the stone to choose. Punch faced stone has weathered qualities that really gives a rustic feel.

General Reclaimed Stone

Our reclaimed stone is the best in Yorkshire, it goes without saying that over the years builders and people come to us looking for the best quality that not only looks like the real deal, but stands the test of time.

I think this will give you an idea of what can be achieved using out Yorkshire stone, there are many more types of Yorkshire stone that we will cover in the next article, but for now if you are looking for a building project and looking for a traditional high quality Yorkshire stone then here at The Yorkshire Stone Company we have the best cut and pressed stone from our very own quarries in West Yorkshire. Speak to a member of the team today to talk about your needs.


The Yorkshire Stone Company’s 140mm reclaimed walling was chosen for this new build house in Upper Cumberworth, West Yorkshire.

Our reclaimed stone was selected for the job to ensure the new home fitted in with the character and look of the stone-built homes in the small village located between Huddersfield and Barnsley.

In addition to the 140mm walling, we also supplied all the ashlar, including quoins, cills, heads and lintels cut to size specifically for the project.

The uniform height of our 140mm walling makes it easier and quicker to build with than most reclaimed stone – and swift progress was made on this home, which has now had its roof topped off.

While our 140mm reclaimed walling was initially chosen to give the house a character-filled weathered stone appearance that matched the local style, it will also make matching simpler on any future work.

We can produce further batches of the walling (which we make by cutting large blocks of high-quality reclaimed sandstone to standard size) that would be a good match for any extension, garage or conservatory base.

Contact us for a quote or to arrange to visit the yard to see our standard size reclaimed stone.

The Yorkshire Stone Company’s 140mm reclaimed walling stone is proving popular with developers, with this new home near Huddersfield the latest project it has been selected for.

The product is made by taking blocks of high-quality reclaimed Yorkstone and cutting it to the standard 140mm walling size.

This retains the beautiful look of weathered sandstone, while also creating walling that is as easy to use as newly quarried stone as it is uniform size and fits with quoins and wall ties.

Great progress is being made on this home in Grange Moor, between Huddersfield and Wakefield, and the stone looks fantastic in it.

Contact The Yorkshire Stone Company to request a quote or more information about our 140mm reclaimed walling stone.

The Yorkshire Stone Company supplied 140mm reclaimed stone for an award-winning North Park Homes development in Newsome, Huddersfield.

The walling was chosen for use in the seven stylish new homes because of its distinctive appearance, which shares the characterful look preferred for houses in the local area, and its ease of use.

Huddersfield Civic Society recognised the quality of the Farrar Bamforth designed homes and named the project Best New Development at its 2015 Design Awards.

North Park Homes subsequently selected Yorkshire Stone Company’s reclaimed walling for another project, a development of four luxury homes in Lepton, Huddersfield.

The development won a Huddersfield Civic Society Design Award.

Yorkshire Stone Company has moved to solve a problem that most house builders have encountered by launching a new product – 140mm standard size reclaimed Yorkstone walling.

Architects and homeowners love the look of reclaimed stone, but the fact consignments usually comes in a variety of heights makes the job of building with it more difficult and can extend the time taken to complete projects.

The Yorkshire Stone Company solution is simple – produce reclaimed walling that is as simple to use as uniform size new sandstone.

The skilled workers at our Holmfirth yard take blocks of high-quality reclaimed Yorkstone and cut it into the standard 140mm walling size. The result is a building material with the unique appearance of weathered sandstone, but that always lines up with wall ties and fits with quoins.

Easy to build with 140mm Yorkshire Stone

This 140mm standard size reclaimed Yorkstone walling allows jobs to be completed in the shortest possible time, while also creating the character-filled look that the architect and homeowner wanted.

We can produce this stone in large quantities, so it can be specified for everything from small extensions to multi-property new build housing developments, and can also supply all the quoins, heads, cills, jambs and lintels you require for your project.

Our 140mm standard size reclaimed Yorkstone walling is price competitive with new stone walling, so why not give us a call 0n 01484607703 to ask for a quote?