Yorkshire stone company supplies award winning build project

Yorkstone has long been known to be some of the best building stone around the UK and sourcing the finest Yorkstone is so important when you think about building your own home or think about extending an existing home that has already been built using Yorkshire stone. First of all, when you consider Yorkshire stone, […]

Dry Stone Walling For Somerset Project We have been supplying a project in Somerset with our high grade dry stone walling including kerbs and steps. The steps drop down to the sea and the dry stone walling keeps the rustic feel of the land while maintaining a long lasting eco friendly way of landscaping in […]

Yorkshire stone company supplies award winning build project

Using Yorkstone To Add Value To Your Property Many people ask this question and here at The Yorkshire Stone Co the answer is always a resounding Yes. I mean, when you add real quality Yorkshire stone to any build project or build your home using Yorkstone your property will always be desirable to those that […]

home built using Yorkshire stone punched face

Many of our frequent customers will know already about our sawn bed York stone, but we thought we would take some snaps of how it looks on the buildings and structures when they have left the quarries. Stone can look like stone when it’s on a pallet, but when it’s added to a building, wall […]

Easy to build with 140mm Yorkshire Stone

Demand for reclaimed Yorkstone walling is growing as increasing numbers of house builders, property developers and self builders come to understand the benefits of using it. Here’s why so many people are opting for reclaimed instead of new materials for their projects. Reclaimed Yorkshire stone looks great Yorkshire stone is an attractive building material when […]