home built using Yorkshire stone punched face

Many of our frequent customers will know already about our sawn bed York stone, but we thought we would take some snaps of how it looks on the buildings and structures when they have left the quarries. Stone can look like stone when it’s on a pallet, but when it’s added to a building, wall or any other structure then you can really see the difference with choosing Abacus Stone for reclaimed and new building stone.

Below are some images of our different types of York stone for different projects, check out the gallery for each one.

14omm New Sawn Building Stone

This is a popular building stone, the stone is approximately 100mm to 120mm on the bed from front to back and can be dressed cut and aged (weathered) to colour match to existing building stone.

Top Quality Punch Faced Stone

This really is the Rolls Royce of building stone, this can be reclaimed or new stone and is the choice for all our builders. When choosing the right stone for a building project, this is the stone to choose. Punch faced stone has weathered qualities that really gives a rustic feel.

General Reclaimed Stone

Our reclaimed stone is the best in Yorkshire, it goes without saying that over the years builders and people come to us looking for the best quality that not only looks like the real deal, but stands the test of time.

I think this will give you an idea of what can be achieved using out Yorkshire stone, there are many more types of Yorkshire stone that we will cover in the next article, but for now if you are looking for a building project and looking for a traditional high quality Yorkshire stone then here at The Yorkshire Stone Company we have the best cut and pressed stone from our very own quarries in West Yorkshire. Speak to a member of the team today to talk about your needs.


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