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Yorkshire Stone Company is the leading supplier of standard size 140mm reclaimed walling stone - a material that combines the ease of using new stone with the character-filled look of weathered Yorkstone.

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Reclaimed Stone Look

  • This 140mm walling stone has the unique appearance that can only be found in genuine reclaimed Yorkstone.
  • It is a simple way to give new builds character and is also a better match than new stone for extensions and refurbishments.
Yorkshire Stone Company's reclaimed walling is the standard 140mm size.

Standard Size

  • Our skilled workers cut high-quality reclaimed Yorkstone blocks into the standard 140mm walling stone size.
  • The result is reclaimed stone of a uniform height, which we can supply in large quantities for a competitive price.
Standard size 140mm reclaimed stone fits with wall ties and quoins.

Straightforward Walling

  • Selecting this 140mm walling stone will allow you to avoid some of the issues associated with using reclaimed stone.
  • Wall ties will line up, quoins will always fit and the build can be completed as quickly as with new stone.
Reclaimed Yorkstone walling kits

Reclaimed Building Kit

  • We can supply 140mm reclaimed walling stone with quoins, heads, cills, jambs and lintels all cut to size.
  • This competitively priced full kit is the simplest and quickest choice for walling jobs.
  • Delivered from stock to site, no messing.
Reclaimed Yorkstone is a great green product.

A Green Choice

  • As it is made from reclaimed Yorkstone, this 140mm walling stone is suitable for environmentally-friendly projects.
  • Enjoy the benefits of using green materials without having to pay a premium price for them.