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Yorkshire Stone Company’s standard size 140mm reclaimed tumbled walling stone is a great building material that combines the stunning appearance of weathered Yorkstone with the simplicity of using new stone.

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Reclaimed Stone Look

    • As it is made from reclaimed Yorkstone that has been exposed to the elements, this 140mm walling stone has a character-filled appearance.
    • After being cut to size, it is tumbled to remove any sharp edges and create a rounder, slightly softer looking stone.
140mm reclaimed tumbled walling stone

Standard Size

  • Reclaimed walling often comes in random sizes, but we can supply this tumbled stone with a consistent height in large quantities.
  • Our skilled workers make it by cutting high-quality reclaimed Yorkstone blocks into the standard 140mm size. Despite the extra work, it is competitively priced against both new and reclaimed walling stone.
Standard size reclaimed Yorkstone walling is simple to build with.

Simpler Walling

  • Our 140mm tumbled reclaimed walling stone is the simplest and quickest way to build with reclaimed stone.
  • The uniform height means wall ties line up and quoins always fit. Just like building with new stone, but with the unique appearance of reclaimed.
Quoins, heads, cills, jambs and lintels can be supplied with the reclaimed walling.

Reclaimed Building Kit

  • We can supply quoins, heads, cills, jambs and lintels from stock that fit with your 140mm tumbled reclaimed walling stone.
  • Together they form a great value for money walling kit that is the simplest and quickest choice for new builds, extensions and conversions.
140mm Standard Reclaimed Tumbled Walling Stone

Environmentally Friendly

  • Reclaimed Yorkstone is one of the greenest building materials available, so you can safely select it for any environmentally-friendly project.
  • Enjoy the benefits of using green materials without having to pay a premium price for them.